The Green Knight's Axe

I love David Lowery’s ‘The Green Knight‘s from A24 and spent weeks watching it in a loop. During this period, I created this model (several times). I wanted to make something like what was in the movie but had a unique flavour. I found a card drawn by a Twitter user and loved the design of the Fox, Boar, and Stag. Sadly, I cannot find the tweets anymore to credit the inspiration. Still, I didn’t follow that design faithfully either. Also, in the movie, moss and plants grow around the axe when placed on the ground, so I thought it would be cool to have moss growing around it. The axe in the movie is closer to blue, and I kept some of that, but I wanted a bit more metallic gloss.

Please enjoy this axe for personal and fan art. I ask that you credit me and possibly link to one of my socials. For commercial rights, visit my site: